New to CHEP?

Welcome to CHEPedia! If you haven't already browsed this site you will notice that it's packed with information that will help you get better acquainted with CHEP! The site is a good tool to help navigate your way around CHEP's systems and processes, many of which you will use on a day to day basis.  But, let us try and make this easier for you.

Below is a summary of some of the main functions you'll need to understand to build your knowledge. 

CHEP Transactions

For information about the transactions you can make with a CHEP account, visit the My Transactions page. Please refer to our Glossary if you are unfamiliar with any of the terms CHEP uses in its communications. 

CHEP Invoice

Our invoices are designed to give you information that is easy to understand, enabling you to reconcile your accounts more efficiently. To help you navigate your invoice we have an explanatory booklet on the CHEP Invoice page.

Equipment Control

CHEP recommends that you record all equipment movements and compare your records against your invoice. To assist you with this process we have a number of training modules on the Training section of CHEPedia and we also share best practice tips.

It is in your best interest to apply appropriate equipment control procedures to help you manage your CHEP account. It is best practice to manage your transactions through myCHEP. However if you do have to use paper base, please refer to our CHEP Manual Docket Process for more information.

To proactively communicate with your business and keep you informed, we regularly add notifications onto myCHEP, phone messages and email correspondence. In addition, you can register to receive the following by contacting Customer Service:

  • Email notifications advising you when a truck is loaded / unloaded at a CHEP site along with a summary of the loads booked in for collection and delivery a day in advance
  • Daily email summary notifying you of corrections and reversals on your account 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about CHEP platforms or your account, please contact the appropriate person from our Contact Us page. For more information on CHEP platforms, for Australia customers click here and for New Zealand customers click here

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