Exchange Equipment

What is an exchange?

One for one exchange - Happens when a sender delivers equipment loaded with produce and instead of offloading the produce the receiver gives the sender the same quantity of empty equipment. The sender accepts receipt of the same quantity of empty equipment

An "I Owe You" (IOU) - Happens when the receiver does not have enough equipment to Exchange and therefore agrees to return the equipment at a later date when they have enough equipment.

Where possible, CHEP would recommend transferring hire equipment rather than exchanging. We understand in some cases transferring may not be an option. However, for your own interest, please be aware of the following when exchanging equipment:

IOU agreements means the trading partner with the equipment is not paying for it and has no responsibility for it. The equipment can be misplaced or lost and never recovered by the Sender. The Sender will continue to pay daily hire on lost equipment until they collect and return or transfer them. Alternatively if they are not recovered and are reported as lost, this will incur a compensation fee, charged to the Sender.



Exchanges do not appear on the CHEP invoice.



It is the senders responsibility to set up trading terms with trading partners for exchanged equipment and ensure that all equipment is returned.



By transferring, you only pay hire charges when using the equipment. Transferring is more cost effective than exchanging for all parties involved. It means greater integrity of the pool, less chance of lost equipment and no compensation charges.