Thought Leadership


Mobile technology streamlines transfers

Thought Leadership
Following a successful trial, CHEP Australia has launched its mobile transfer technology nationally, enabling all customers to transfer equipment accountability at the same time as merchandise passes through their receipt and dispatch docks. Read more

What small businesses can learn from large ones about supply chain operations

Logistics operations and supply chain management benefit from scale, and the economies that come with scale. But economies of scale are also relative. Whatever the size of your organisation or your supply chain, you can learn from organisations larger than your own. Read more

Managing - and then reducing - product spoilage

Food spoilage needs to be managed and reduced. It’s inefficient and costly on many levels: environmental, agricultural, moral. What will drive change though is understanding that it’s also economically and financially a bad way to run business operations. Read more

Interest growing in packaging and food waste

Thought Leadership
In June, RMIT University’s Centre for Design published a study commissioned by CHEP Australia into “The role of packaging in minimising food waste in the supply chain of the future” Read more