Introduction to equipment control

There’s now an easy way to learn about the fundamentals of equipment control. This Introduction course includes nine easy-to-use modules that have been developed so that even a first time user can gain an understanding of best practice.

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With straightforward, interactive content it only takes around 10 minutes to complete a module and is structured so you can dip in and out depending on which part of the process you need to focus on.

The modules include:

  1. What is pooling? - 5 minutes to complete
  2. Why is control important? - 5 minutes to complete
  3. Receiving process - 14 minutes to complete
  4. Dispatch process - 16 minutes to complete
  5. Managing exchanges - 7 minutes to complete 
  6. Stocktake and reconciliation - 8 minutes to complete 
  7. Investigating variance - 9 minutes to complete
  8. Your invoice - 10 minutes to complete
  9. Manager's checklist - 9 minutes to complete