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What is a trading rule?

A trading rule is a commercial agreement between two trading partners. The commercial agreement is often referred to as a "trading relationship".   

CHEP cannot agree trading terms with your trading partners on your behalf.  It is your responsibility to agree and implement trading rules with your trading partners so that all parties are aware of what charges will be applied when moving CHEP equipment.

How do I find out if a trading rule is in place?

CHEP can confirm if a trading rule is in place between trading partners if they have been notified. CHEP recommend you contact your trading partner should you want to create a trading rule.

What is Same Day or Delayed Transfer?

  1. A same day transfer rule means that daily hire charges for the equipment moves from the sender to the receiver on the day the equipment is moved. For example, if you dispatch equipment today, the hire charges transfer to the receiver today.

  2. A delayed transfer means that hire of the equipment transfers to the receiver on a nominated number of days after the equipment is moved. For example, if you dispatch equipment today, the hire charges would not transfer to the receiver until the day agreed. This is usually done when equipment is being dispatched interstate, where equipment can be in transit for more than one day.

What is an Automated Trading Rule?

CHEP can automate your trading rule, whether it is a same day or a delayed transfer rule. For both parties, this takes the hassle out of having to calculate the date when the hire of equipment transfers to the receiver (known as the "effective date").

With the rule in place you simply enter the movement date for the equipment when transferring to the agreed trading partner and the effective date is automatically calculated for you when it reaches CHEP. This means the agreed hire charges will be correct every time and there is no need to make corrections on your invoice.

Both trading partners must agree to a trading rule in writing before it can be applied in the CHEP system.  Click here to download the application form. For further information, contact Customer Service on 13 2437.