Return Equipment

When you return hire equipment to any CHEP Service Centre or arrange for CHEP Logistics to arrange the return of equipment for you, this means a return has been made and it will show up on your transactions on your CHEP account.

How to return? - You can arrange to return CHEP hire equipment through myCHEP. If you are not a myCHEP user you can register now by sending us an email;, , or calling customer service on 13 2437 (Australia) or 0800 652 437 (NZ) to find out more.

Pick up - CHEP can arrange pick up of hire equipment at your premises. Simply request pick up within myCHEP. If you are not a myCHEP user you can register by email (details above) or by calling customer service on 13 2437 (Australia) or 0800 652 437 (New Zealand) to find out more and to discuss your options of equipment return with CHEP Logistics.

Customers can use their own/customer transport to return CHEP hire equipment. It is good practice to contact the CHEP Service Centre and our agent network before returning equipment.

Equipment cannot be taken off your CHEP invoice until the equipment is returned to a CHEP Service Centre and receipted.