Equipment Tracking

Compliance Checking

It is good practice to record every movement in and out of your site and to check recorded counts against inventory reports, delivery dockets, invoices or consignment notes.

We recommend our customers to take control of Issues, Transfers and Returns of all CHEP equipment. Inappropriate equipment control can lead to equipment loss and compensation.

It is best practice to manage your transactions through myCHEP. However, if you do have to use paper base, there are several essential details required to be completed on the documentation verifying the CHEP equipment movements:

  1. Sender's Account Number
2. Receiver's Account Number
3. Effective Transfer Date
4. Dispatch/movement Date
5. Equipment Code and Description
6. Equipment Quantity
7. Receivers Authorisation


Three copies of the documentation / consignment note should be prepared:

  1. Customer copy
2. Dispatch authorisation copy
3. Record copy


View a CHEP Movement Docket Manual:


New Zealand

The sending customer and the receiving customer have differing responsibilities:

Sender's responsibilities - Create a CMD (Australia only), consignment note or movement docket via myCHEP, or manually and send it with all deliveries. You must also send the CHEP copy to CHEP for processing.

Receiver's customer's responsibilities - Return Dispatch Authorisation to the sending party.