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CHEP systems planned upgrade October 2018

As part of CHEP’s ongoing commitment to improving your experience, we want to make you aware that we are planning a system upgrade. While we implement this upgrade, there will be an impact to customer transaction systems including Portfolio+Plus, myCHEP and other associated systems.

Customer transaction systems will be unavailable from 6:00pm Friday, 19 October and 6:00pm Monday, 22 October 2018 AEST. We are planning for a 72 hour outage.

To minimise impact to processing transactions, if you are planning to create a movement over this period, please create the document for the movement prior to the system upgrade on the 19 October. 

Guidance for Portfolio+Plus and myCHEP system users
Transfer Transactions in Advance and Manual Dockets Process

We request where possible that you enter transfer transactions in advance of the shutdown and complete manual dockets as necessary during the freeze period. CHEP service centres will provide you with a manual docket for any issues or returns that occur during this period.

Click here to access an example of a Manual Docket - Transfer, along with explanatory notes for completing each section.

If you require manual dockets (CHEP Manual Docket, CMD) for any other movements, please ask your Customer Service Representative. Please note, orders for CMD books must be received by close of business Monday, 1 October 2018.

Guidance for EDI Users
Export files (Customer to CHEP*)

We request that weekly invoice customers send their export files by 12pm, Thursday 18 October 2018, to ensure that movements will appear on your invoice. Please note, if you are invoiced monthly, please send your export files as per normal.

Note: Any files sent during the outage period will be held by CHEP and processed once the system outage is complete.

Import files (CHEP to Customer)

No import files will be sent from CHEP during the outage period, however, files for this period will be sent once the system outage is complete.

Guidance for all system users
Schedule Pickups and/or Deliveries in Advance

To minimise the impact to pickups and/or deliveries that you are planning to schedule with CHEP Logistics for 22 or 23 October, please have your requests submitted by 2pm, Thursday 18 October 2018 AEST. This will assist the team with meeting your requests. 

Should you require further support with scheduling your pickups and/or deliveries during this time, please contact CHEP Logistics on 1300 CHEP 2U (1300 2437 28).

Delay in Notifications
During the upgrade, the following notifications from CHEP will be delayed: 

  • Proactive receipt notification from CHEP for equipment order dispatch and collection
  • Automated email alerts on corrections and reversals
  • Advance notice on loads booked with CHEP Logistics for next day delivery and collection


These notifications relating to your account activity over the outage period will be sent to you once the upgrade is completed. Please note: you may receive a backlog of these notifications. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Should you require any further information regarding the planned outage, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 CHEP (13 2437) or your account manager.

Making the world’s supply chains more efficient, safe and sustainable

Find out how CHEP contributed to creating a better planet, better communities and better business. Take a look at the recently released Brambles 2017 Sustainability ReviewBrambles Sustainability Report Card 2017 and CHEP Australia's Sustainability Scorecard 2017


Notification: Phishing emails circulating claiming to be from CHEP Australia

CHEP is aware that some customers have received a fraudulent email claiming to be about their CHEP invoice and account. These emails are not from CHEP. 

We advise you not to enter your account information on websites linked from these messages, and never download or open attachments or links included within them.

If you have received a suspicious email or think you might have entered personal information like a password or credit card information on a scam website relating to CHEP, if you are in Australia, immediately contact CHEP Customer Service on 13 CHEP (13 2437) or au.customerservice@chep.com and your IT department. If you are in New Zealand, immediately contact CHEP Customer Service on 0800 652 437 or nz.customerservice@chep.com and your IT department. 

Click here to access further information on determining email legitimacy.


Staged closure of Brismeat operations announcement from Woolworths Group 

Woolworths Group have advised all their trading partners they will cease all operations at their Brismeat facility by approximately 1 July 2018.

Hilton Food Australia will be taking over the supply of meat to Woolworths Group in QLD from 1 July 2018.

Please be aware that the Brismeat Operations CHEP (1610440661) accounts will cease trading after the 28th July, 2018 and any outstanding transfers after this time will not be reviewed. Click here to read the announcement from Woolworths Group. 


Release notes on myCHEP v2.8

Check out the latest release notes on myCHEP, a smart, simple and fast portal built for you to manage your account. Click here for more information on the release notes in Australia. Click here for more information on the release notes in New Zealand. 

Speak with your Account Manager or Customer Service to gain access today. For customers in Australia call 13 CHEP (13 2437). For customers in New Zealand call 0800 652 437


Giving you time back in your day by ordering your Load Containment stock online

You are now able to place orders online for your Load Containment stock. Simply use your myCHEP username and password on the following link: www.loadcontainment.chep.com

By using this new website, you will benefit by being able to quickly and simply place orders, view your purchase history, conveniently browse the product range and complete transactions.

Should you need any assistance please speak with your account manager or call Customer Service on 13 CHEP (13 2437).


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