Best Practice Tips

Here's some tips from our specialists around the country on Equipment Control Etiquette.


The Daily Habits of good Equipment Controllers

  • Record and advise all physical movements electronically
  • Send all transactions to CHEP everyday
  • Reconcile your dockets against your own internal paperwork e.g. dispatch consignment notes or invoice records
  • Review corrections and outstanding transactions

The Monthly Habits of good Equipment Controllers

  • Make regular contact with trading partners to build rapport and resolve reconciliation items
  • Identify opportunities to communicate conformance/non-conformance of equipment control within your organisation e.g. Newsletters /Tool Box meetings

Best Practice Trading

  • Agree on trading arrangements with any new trading partners up front
  • Include these arrangements in the appropriate supply agreements
  • Communicate these within your business
  • Talk with trading partners before rejecting transactions (provide a window of time for correspondence to flow back)
  • Review trading arrangements periodically with trade partners to identify any trends and resolve any ongoing issues


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