My Responsibilities

It is in your best interest to apply appropriate equipment control procedures to help you manage your CHEP account.

In our experience we have found that the steps outlined in the CHEP control pyramid to the right has been a great guide for our customers in helping them to control equipment. Click here to download the CHEP control pyramid.

Manage - Sponsor and drive the equipment control process at your company. Create a culture where equipment control is valued.

Measure - Measure the effectiveness of your system by: reconciling your CHEP invoice, conducting equipment Stocktakes (STAR) and auditing your procedures.

Comply - Testing your counting and recording by comparing your internal documentation (delivery dockets, consignment notes) against CHEP records (Portfolio Plus and CHEP Invoice).

Record - Record all movements using Portfolio Plus or WinETA (New Zealand only).

Count - Physically count every movement on and off your site.